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one Year On - How I'm Winning The Fight Against Ankylosing Spondylitis

28, January, 2017
It's been just over a year since My First Post about my battle with an aggressive and incurable disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, (A.S), and Although the war is far from over, I can confirm the latest. I am winning.  I have less pain all over. I have 30 degrees more rotation in my neck. I still can't touch my toes, but I can bend down 8 inches further. Pick things from the floor without holding on and intense pain. I have gained 2 kilos in weight (muscles) and my lower leg muscles and back have improved.  I'm so much more agile I can actually give myself a pat on the back without severe pain 'and' stiffness.

Having said that, If a healthy individual woke up today with the pain my body feels today, They would be calling 911. Once they realised it was A.S, they would be scrambling for the medicine cabinet grabbing the nearest pain killers due to the pain and stiffness. For me, the pain and stiffness is 'nothing' compared to how I was.

If I never had to train so hard each day doing up to 10.000 repetitions each day, the smiley face above would have been a big fat grin. Nevertheless, it's all positive and progressive progress and the way things are going, I estimate that within one more year, I 'will' be grinning from ear to ear.

My last goal was to get through the pain barrier of my upper leg muscles. To have less pain in my.back. To be more agile and stronger, and to have more rotation of my neck, to become healthier, happier, confident, strong and outgoing again which I am slowly but surly almost achieving.

When I first started my fight, I never knew if I would be causing 'more' damage than good by training so rigorously each day. Every repetition done is the equivalent of someone trying to get rid of a painful bruise or cut by continually pressing, poking and prodding, harder and harder hoping it will go. - or digging a deep hole hoping there 'would' be light at the end. That's exactly what it takes. Luckily for me, I see the light.

I will 'never' underestimate the power of Ankylosing Spondylitis, and how it 'will' take over the body - if you let it. 
Escalator Analogy.
Anyone who has this disease or any other joint or muscle weakness / pain who continue their life using aids such as walking sticks, crutches and medications are the people who will let the escalator take the strain. Doing this will never help.

My training is to walk 'UP' the 'down' escalator. If I stopped training / walking, I will continue to go down and deteriorate. I have to keep on stepping continuously. Even if I reach the top, there is still no end for this disease. It's a never ending battle but 'does' get easier step by step. The more I train, the slower and easier the escalator becomes.

Stop adapting your home around your disabilities.
  • You have to learn to 'un-adapt' by walking up and down the stairs instead of using lifts and escalators.
  • Crutch and walking stick users need to put more pressure on their joints and less on walking aids.
  • Stop using your hand rails to fully support you. If you use your right arm because the left hurts too much, start using the left arm again but do it very slowly adding more weight and pressure as time goes by. Keep doing this.
  • Those all items you previously placed in your home to an easier height, move them back to a harder place to reach. Any mugs, glasses or ash trays you use, place them in a position which is the most hardest to reach.
  • If your left leg/hip/knee hurts more than the right, meaning you use the right more - stop, and start using the left again. Introduce weight bearing exercises. It will hurt and become more painful, but no pain no gain.
When training I have the mindset of an athlete. When stretching, I think like a contortionist.
Nutrition. If you've read my posts about the correct diet and nutrition for bones and joints, you'll discover how important it is to combine weight bearing training with the correct (bespoke) nutrition.

It's the resilience, perseverance, patience and confidence in me and my achievements that keeps me continuing this fight. I hope everything I have said from my Introduction to today's post that will give anyone out there whose suffering 'unnecessarily' the confidence to follow my footsteps.

January 2018, I will post below any progress I hope to have made. I say hope because anything can happen. After all, the body contains over 200 bones, 4000 tendons, 600 muscles, 360 joints, and over 900 ligaments. I had over 250 different symptoms to deal with. Now, I only have about 20.

1. Introduction. How I Have Almost Cured My Ankylosing Spondylitis, Arthritis & Other Joint Injury's.

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