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Archives - May- 2017

May 31, 2017. Turmeric can defend off anything from allergens to depression even cancer. The countries which cook with Turmeric, rates of cancer are surprisingly low. Biology and medicine journalist. Michael Mosely. The Food programme. Radio 4.

May 30, 2017. 100.000 people get 'strokes' in the UK every year and many of them we are told are preventable. Jeremy Vine. Radio 2. Strokes can be inherited, but the sort of lifestyle that gives you a heart attack or stroke is mostly because of our tendency to accumulate weight around our tummies, to be overweight, too much stress, not to exercise or eat correctly, and to have too much salt. I would buy a blood pressure monitor and keep an eye on your levels. If in doubt, see your pharmacist or doctor. GP. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Radio 2.

May 30, 2017. 'Antibiotic resistant' is one of the biggest threats to global health everywhere but new research from the Scripps Research Institute in the U.S has taken an existing antibiotic and made it more potent and more importantly, enhancing it making it harder for bacteria to then develop resistance. BBC World Service Update. 

May 30, 2017. Studies on 300 babies 'eating habits' showed that babies who were 'spoon fed' were more likely to be obese. 20% of Spoon fed babies were overweight by the age of 2. Only 8% of 'self fed babies were over weight because they stopped eating when full. They were also trimmer, healthier and more adventurous eaters. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning.

May 30, 2017. The FSA reported that white wine has more sugar in it than red, rose and beer. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning. 

May 30, 2017. Coffee can protect the liver. A study of over 2 and half million people showed 1 cup a day reduced cancer of the liver by 20%. 2 cups by 35% and 5 cups of coffee a day had a 50% reduction in liver cancer patients. Dr Chris Steel. ITV This Morning. 

May  28, 2017. A cure for baldness may be a step closer after research has found what causes hair to regrow. Cells known as 'tregs' are essential to regeneration of follicles which could lead to treatments being developed. University of California. Metro News. 

May 27, 2016. Swiss scientists have designed a 'virus' which helps the immune system clear our cancer. In mice, the treatment was shown to bring remission and researchers are keen to move to human trials. Professor Daniel Pinschewer. University of Basel.

May 26, 2017. The charity Changing Faces has reported a rise of discrimination  - The odd curious glance, or an inquisitive look may not be offensive, but people with a facial or body disfigurement say they're suffering harassment from strangers that in some cases is abusive. 80% have experienced harassment. 50% have been bullied at School and virtually all said they've been abused on social media. BBC 1 News presenter Riz Lateef.

May 26, 2017. Scientists have discovered a new 'genetic variant' common among Greeks living in the isolated villages Zoniana and Anogia in Northern Greece. This 'genetic variant' appears to protect the heart by lower levels of bad fats and cholesterol. They found that cardiovascular diseases and strokes are very rare. BBC News. 

May 26, 2017. Thames Deaths - 42 deaths in the last year. 79% are adult men. 40% did not intend to get into the water. If you enter the water, you'll suffer from what's known as 'cold water shock' where you start gasping and then inhaling water and your instinct is to breath harder and then start swimming. You need to fight this instinct if you do end up in the water and that is to 'float'. Once you've got your breath and you've past that 'cold water shock' phase, then either shout for help or swim to safety. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) 

May 25, 2017. Pharmaceutical manufactures know how our minds influence how we respond to drugs and they exploit that science when marketing medication. The research in prevention magazine found that our mind believes white pills relive pain, yellow lifts mood, and blue is calming. They also found the more the drug costs, the more we think it works. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2.

May 25, 2017. An outbreak of 'cholera' in Yemen have killed 332 people and left 33.000 ill in the last 4 weeks (WHO figures) through war resulting in poor sanitation and contaminated food and water. Sarah Boseley. Guardian Health Editor. 

May 25, 2017. 'Cannabis' could help treat 'epilepsy' in children. Cannabidiol should not be viewed as a panacea for epilepsy, but for patients with especially severe forms who have not responded to numerous medications, these results provide hope that we may soon have another treatment option. Professor Orrin Devinsky.  NYU Langone Medical Centre. US. 

May 24, 2017. 'Elder speak' is a baby way of talking to to older people, so younger people tend to use higher pitches and slow their voices and speech down. They also tend to use terms of endearment and more simpler phrases. People do this without even thinking about it but the evidence showed it's really quite unhelpful, patronising and linked with lower levels of well being for the elderly. Radio 4. Catherine Loveday. Principal Lecturer. Cognitive Neuroscience Research 

May 24, 2017. 2.8 million people over 65 will need nursing and social care by 2025 due to a significant rise in dementia-related disability. Lancet Public Health medical journal.

May 24, 2017. If you look at the amazing way that music can bring memories back for people suffering from 'dementia'. There is no cure as yet, but for the growing numbers of people living with the condition, some simple ways to slow it's progression is singing and music. Jeremy Vine. Radio 2. 

May 23, 2017. In many cities, levels of 'air pollution' are souring. A big problem for everyone, more with people who have asthma and respiratory conditions. Published research shows how diesel particles attack the lungs and respiratory system. The surface of diesel particles called PAH can simulate the nerves in the airways - linked with coughing and tightening of the airways, and can effect the heart. BBC News. 

May 23, 2017. There are over 100 trillion microbes in the gut - producing chemicals effecting and influencing things like weight and mood. They also shape and train the immune system how to behave. Eating junk food does not help. Eating a wide range of healthy foods will. Biology and medicine journalist. Michale Mosley. Radio 2 

May 23, 2017. 'The everyday effects of 'unconscious bias'. It is important to treat people as individuals. Don't make assumptions about them. If you feel those assumptions creeping in, question why you're making those assumptions. Jessica Rose. Institute of Psychology. Radio 4. All In The Mind. 

May 22, 2017. Children's Hospice Week. May 22 - May 28. The UK’s only awareness and fund raising week for children with life-shortening conditions and their families and the palliative care services that support them.

May 22, 2017. People with 'mental health problems' are more likely to get into debt, take out credit and make impulse buys. Polly Mackenzie. Money and Mental Health Policy Institute.

May 22, 2017. 'Beta-blockers' prescribed to patients following Cardiac surgery may do more harm than good. Depression, mood swings has prompted a re-evaluation of the merits of beta-blockers. Daily Telegraph. 

May 22, 2017. A rise in potential 'food poisoning' has been found in 80% of European Pig products like sausages, hams and salamis. In extreme cases it can paralyse and kill and is extremely dangerous for your liver, nerves, the elderly, pregnant, and those with suppressed immune systems.. Dr Harry Dalton. Gastroenterologist. Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust.

May 22, 2017. High levels of 'air pollution' is ruining peoples sleep.People in high pollution areas were 60% more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation. Graeme Paton. Transport Correspondent.

May 20, 2017. How to have a healthy retirement. Get out of the house everyday, even if you don't feel like it. Social activity on a basic level really makes a difference. Dr Ann Robinson.  BBC World Service Health Check

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