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March 18, 2018. Make-up wipes are pointless for washing your face - and could even do more harm than good, experts warn. Experts break down ways make-up wipe removers could be damaging your skin. These cloths can leave behind residue, dehydrate skin, and cause allergic reactions. They said make-up wipe removers shouldn't be a substitute for facial cleansing. These wipes can often cause irritation, breakouts and premature ageing. Furthermore, these wipes also leave behind chemical residue or film that can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. Mieloch added that these pre-moistened wipes should be thought of as a first step to a skin care routine and should be followed by a cleanser that is less saturated with chemicals. Mail.

March 18, 2018. People are being warned not to travel anywhere today unless ‘absolutely necessary’ as more snow and ice is expected to hit the UK. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled, some homes evacuated and dozens of cars stranded in snow across the country as Amber and yellow ‘be aware’ weather warnings remain in place across England this morning. Metro. Severe weather has resulted in a reduced Heathrow Express service operating between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport until the end of the day. Trains will run every 30 minutes in either direction. National Rail.

March 17, 2018. Obesity on the increase in the UK. The number of fat people in the UK continues to rise steadily and soon we will be on par with the US if the population don't do something about it. Regulating the fast food industry or charging more taxes for fast foods is not the solution, the people need to be educated. Liveleak.

March 17, 2018. Mini-Beast from the East' brings hail blizzard to northern England. High winds and hail battered Cleethorpes in North East Lincolnshire on Saturday as the so-called 'Mini-Beast from the East' hit the UK and will be worse tomorrow. NewsFlare.

March 17, 2018. Russian Scientist Who Helped Create The Toxin That Poisoned A Spy In Britain. The U.S. has joined Britain, France and Germany in condemning Russia for the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in England. They’re still in the hospital. The British government concluded they were exposed to a nerve agent called “novichok”, developed by the Soviet Union. Liveleak.

March 17, 2018. A life-changing drug that could help a desperately sick 14-year-old boy has been declined to him on the NHS because it costs too much. Joe Barnes suffers with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), an inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system. Tragically, he also has an older brother with the same disease. The condition means that his lung function has now declined to 38-42% meaning that he struggles to breath, can’t eat and spends a lot of time in hospital. Now, a petition to get Orkambi made available on the NHS has reached over 115,000 signatures and CF families have won a debate in Parliament. Vertex have announced that they are currently  working on a new drug that could treat up to 90% of the CF population, meaning a deal is vital for the survival of people suffering with CF. NICE have said they ‘remain open to a further approach from the company’. Metro.

March 17, 2018. NHS and nurse leaders have urged people to take steps to help elderly and vulnerable patients stay “warm and well” during cold weather due over the next few days, to avoid unnecessary admissions. With forecasts of heavy snow and temperatures set to plummet, NHS England has today issued a joint statement with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Royal College of Nursing. They are also urging people to stock up on their medicines over the next few days in case they cannot leave their homes due to adverse weather conditions. Nursing Times.

March 17, 2018. Singapore healthcare services provided close to where people live will undergo a sea change with nurses and pharmacists set to play a bigger role, and the Government studying future housing developments that come with care services for residents.The ministries of Health (MOH) and National Development (MND) are studying potential sites for assisted living developments in the public and private residential markets, said Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor. Today.

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