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August 18, 2017.  Health officials say the 'government is prepared to introduce legislation if the food industry' fails to respond to targets to reduce calories in pizzas, burgers and ready meals. They believe the cation is needed because many people are consuming an extra 200 - 300 calories every day. The targets are expected to be set by public health England within a year. BBC Radio 2 News. 

August 18, 2017. Social media. If you think about 'where eating disorders start', you have to have a vulnerability, then you have to have some triggers, and those triggers are feeling the need to lose weight for some reason, or to eat in a different way, with a bunch of rules for some reasons. There is also immense abuse on social media. There is rising rates of depression, anxiety, loneliness and stress amongst young people globally, and its being instigated by a need to perform online by jealously of watching other peoples lives that seem really fantastic. I've heard people say, maybe if I eat the vegan food diet, that this vegan food blogger is posting, my life will be as perfect as hers, or if I ate this particular food, I'll be as slim as her. It can be overwhelming and unhealthy. Anna Bonne. Food Writer.The Food Chain. BBC World Service.

August 18, 2017. 'It would be lovely to think you can be fat and fit', but it appears that no matter what you think, excess fat is not just extra padding, it's active inflammatory tissue, and as such, it can cause damage to organs. If you're fat and fit, and exercise regular and eating a good diet, that's better than being fat and unfit. Smoking, not eating healthily or exercising is not good. One thing we should not do is elude ourself that being fat is fine. It would be better all round to stay as lean as possible, or at least try to not get even fatter. Dr Ann Robinson. BBC World Service Health Check. 

August 18, 2017. A set of newborn piglets has bought the prospect of 'organ transplants from animals to humans a step closer'. Biologist Luhan Yang of US Biotech from eGenesis and her colleges implanted adapted cells into sows which gave birth to clones that are free of DNA-embedded viruses. The plan is to create pig more immunologically similar to people which should mean transplanted organs are less prone to attack by a recipients immune system. Metro News. 

August 17, 2017. There is no robust evidence that 'eating your placenta' is something that is particularity good, or logical to do. Dr Ann.Robinson.  BBC World Service: Health Check 

August 17, 2017. A lot of premature births are quite common. Nearly 11% of all births take place before 37 weeks of pregnancy which is the definition of prematurity. Woman who've had a previous premature birth are those most at risk. Woman who've got uncontrolled pother health conditions such as diabetes, or high blood pressure, kidney or heart disease are also at risk. Woman with poor nutritional status, who are starved, or had many pregnancies close together and haven't had time to recover physically. Woman should be reassured. Babies are robust and can withstand quite a lot of trauma. Dr Ann.Robinson. BBC World Service: Health Check. 

August 17, 2017. This study looked at 3 million births. Our findings suggest that a 'woman with an insomnia diagnosis during pregnancy' is at nearly two-fold higher risk of delivering before 34 weeks gestation. Our findings also add to a growing body of research that sleep apnoea may be associated with a risk of preterm birth. This is important because in the United States, 1 in 10 pregnant woman deliver their baby too early, apnoea preterm birth is now a leading cause of death before age 5 globally, and its possible that by treating the disorder is we may be able to reduce the preterm birth rate. globally. Sleep disorders are undiagnosed, and under-treated during pregnancy. Jennifer Felder. University of California. USA. BBC World Service: Health Check. 

August 17, 2017. 'A midnight snack could raise the risk of sunburn'. It should be avoided if you plan on sunbathing the next day. A study's found the skin has a biological clock which can be disruptive by late-night-snacking, leading it less able to repair itself from damage caused by the sun. Levels of a natural chemical which helps skin to heal, have found to be lower, when meal times are out of sink. When mice were given food during the day, and at normal eating times, sustained more skin damage from ultraviolet light than mice who only ate at night. Steve Wright Radio 2.  

August 17, 2017. Experts are divided on 'how much sun is good for you'. There is no evidence showing that sunlight shortens lives. I wouldn't use the phrase "a healthy tan", but, tanned people do not live shorter lives than untanned people. One message does shine through, just don't get burnt. Dr Richard Weller. University of Edinburgh. ITV News.   

August 17, 2017. What is the most common cause of skin cancer? 'Intense sun exposure', being sunburnt matters what ever age you are, and not just in childhood. . Prof Julia Newton-Bishop. ITV News

August 17, 2017. 'How do you choose which sunscreen' to take to the beach? Cost doesn't always equal quality. We test nearly 4000 products every year and we find that time and time again, in the case of sunscreens, we found they they decreased by about 74% over 6 - 8 hours. Nikki Stopford. which. ITV News. 

August 17, 2017. Yale School of Medicine said, 'people who use alternative medicine instead of conventional treatment' to treat cancer are more than twice likely to die within 5 years. They looked at 281 people with cancer who had opted for unproven treatments, then compared them with 560 similarly effected people who had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Those taking alternative medicine for breast cancer were 5.7 times more likely to die within 5 years. Metro News. 

August 17, 2017.   Its fallen under the radar, but the risk is still there. Zika is a virus, its transmitted by Mosquito bites mainly  Prevalent in Central South America, Africa and pother places. Most people will have a flu-like illness and you'll be fine. 'If your pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant', it could be associated with birth defects in babies particularity microcephaly. If you're going abroad, the advice is go online and see what the advice is. Try not to get bitten by using protection for the next 6 months. Dr Ranj. This Morning. ITV.

August 17, 2017 A seven year old girl has been 'permanently scarred by black henna tattoo' she was given in Egypt.  Her arm was covered with chemical burns which medics say, was caused by a chemical reaction known as p-Phenylenediamine (PDD), which is added to make tattoos darker. The Metro News.

August 16, 2017. Researchers at Newcastle university say 'England will need an extra 71.00 care home places by 2025'. People are living longer and that many are needing substantial care in their last years. Living longer can bring more opportunities, but it can mean declining health and that means a greater need for care in a system which is already under great pressure. BBC 1 News. 

August 16, 2017. 20% of parents don't know that 'ALL children should be having their eyes checked regularly' by an optician. Radio RNIB Connect: Early Edition. 

August 16, 2017. Its killing marine life and ending up on our plate. The worrying impact of 'plastic pollution ending up in our oceans'. Scientists have suggested, people who eat seafood are actually absorbing tiny particles of this plastic into their blood stream and its causing unknown affect on their health. Sunrise. Sky News. 

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