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Inspiration To Help You Quit Eating Meat

Meat has been getting a lot of bad press lately, and hardly a few days go by without hearing about the dark-sides of the meat industry as a whole.  Firstly, I'd be a hypocrite to tell anyone to completely give-up eating meat. I can try to persuade you by placing some of the evidence you may be aware of, and worrying information you may not be to at least cut-down. If not inspiring, I hope persuasive. I have to buy meat products to make my medicine - Bone Broth.

The following information is brief - a tiny needle in a very large haystack of problems.

The greenhouse emissions from livestock industry is more potent than carbon dioxide. From their manure, their burping, and from the impact of their food crops. Dr Tara Garnet. Climate research centre Oxford University said, "about three-quarters of the land that is used for food production is used one way or another to rear animals. So that could either be pasture, for cattle, sheep, goats and so forth and also arable land, so about 305 of the arable land which is good quality agricultural land is actually taken up with growing grains to feed animals". In addition, to produce one normal meat burger, a Cow has to drink over 3,250 litres of water.

Injections - steroid hormone implants used for growth in food-producing animals. Including natural estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and their synthetic versions. plus, the overuse of antibiotics The American Academy of Paediatrics said, "the overuse of antibiotics in animals, which can make bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter stronger and resistant to drugs previously able to fight them off". The World Health Organisation (WHO) currently warns that "bacon cured with nitrites is as dangerous as asbestos and smoking because the chemicals produce carcinogenic nitrosamines when ingested". 

Billions of animals around the world endure cramped conditions, suffering needlessly. Pumped full of drugs to keep them healthy and to increase feed conversion ratio and weight gain. Not allowed to play or have a partner. Suffering from severe heat or cold stress. No access to clean water. In some cases, animals forced to drink their own urine and eat their own faeces. Born and bred for the main purpose of killing to eat. There are campaigns for CCTV to be installed in every slaughterhouse. Until then, we have to hope and assume they are acting reputably, humanly and legally.  

The Slaughter - Murder - Killing of an animal just for its flesh.  For halal and kosher meats, animals don't have to be stunned (rendering animals immobile or unconscious) prior to having their throats slit. Many people regard the process of stunning animals as 'civilised', 'reasoned' and 'humane'? If Hitler stunned the Jews before gassing and shooting them, or slit their throats while hanging them upside down, would we call that humane? No. So why is it 'humane' to kill animals in such an undeniably barbaric manner?  Animal Aid had filmed secretly inside fourteen British slaughterhouses and found evidence of lawbreaking in thirteen of them.

Once an animal is dead, the rotting process begins. Time to preserve the meat to make it last longer with various additives some include flavouring, salt, sugar, sodium nitrite, sodium chloride, N-nitroso compounds and other preservatives added to it. Eating too much processed meats over a long period may increase the risk of many chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer. scabies, allergies and stomach ulcers, bloating, high blood pressure. An increased risk of diabetes and liver damage. Hardening of blood vessels and arteries. Greater risk of breast, stomach and colorectal cancer. Processed meats include bacon. Beef jerky. Chorizo. Corned beef. Ham. Hot dogs. Salami. Salted, cured and dried meats. Sausages. Pepperoni. Smoked meat. Canned and packet meats.

Sabotage - What you may "not" be aware of. Secret footage from a chicken factory exposed an employee picking up a piece of raw chicken from the floor, and placing it back on the production line. This was just a factory worker for a reputable company. What goes on in unregulated small struggling business? Probably the owners removing, then cleaning and placing meats 'back' onto the production line. Plus, There are many devoutly religious people who believe that pork is as dirty as the soles of their shoes, some also regard people who eat pork as equally vile: a swine in every respect. Personally, I would not trust anyone who holds such beliefs to work in any area that produces or works with pork. If a radicalised person will kill another human for not believing in a religion, what else could they be capable of? poisoning, spiting on foods. Thankfully, the government are aware of the possibilities of deliberate sabotage of foods in processing factories by radicalised people, but don't advertise it publicly. I worked on a pigs farm and saw how cruel workers were to the pigs - Yet those workers enjoyed eating pork.

For centuries, spices were used to disguise the taste of rotten meats. Today, this practice still exists. Meat is expensive, and any struggling business people will do anything to off-load spoiled meats. Any meats spoiled will go straight into a curry. Having said that, restaurant owners are substituting lamb for cheaper meats and to disguise the cheaper cuts. Food dye and spices were used in up to eight out of ten curries in restaurants. Trading standards officer Trevor Gray said, "Our initial findings suggest that the problem is quite widespread. We have got to get the word out to owners that if they are cheating customers they are going to get caught".

They say, meat is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals - Cows poop is high in organic materials and rich in nutrients but consuming it would be unhealthy and unwise.

Cooking meats at high temperatures can cause harmful substances. These include (PAHs) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. PAHs are a large class of substances that form when meat is burnt or charred meat when either barbecued, fried, grilled or roasted. They are formed from the burning of wood and charcoal and from the fats that burn onto them. Cooking meats in this way can create carcinogens. Raj Bhopal, professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh said, "When food is heated up to a high temperature, harmful compounds are created, and some of them are known to be harmful to health. They release chemicals known as neo-formed contaminants. This group includes trans-fatty acids or trans fats". Plus, meats 'undercooked' can causes a variety of mild, to very severe health problems.

Although I still buy and consume fresh quality expensive cuts of meat. I've replaced meat sausages with vegetarian etc, I'm slowly converting to becoming a vegan. Not just for the welfare of animals, but my welfare. Until then, consuming fresh farmed/organic meats, along with absolute minimal or no consumption of processed meats, as well as living a healthy life-style, one can still eat meat safely, but there's still no guarantee that I will have no future health-related problems related to currently consuming meat. 

Final thoughts
The exception for eating meat: If you take a population in Europe and America of well-fed people, then the evidence tends to be, that people who eat more meat have higher rates of mortality, whereas, if you take people from the developing world where people are not so well off nutritionally, then meat is a good thing and reduces the impact of other diseases and increase survival.
If you have a complaint about a food product or a food business from food poisoning from a takeaway/restaurant, the quality of food or any unidentifiable object in your food, - Advice and guidance on protecting animal welfare on farms, in transport, at markets and at slaughter - - If you're concerned or worried about any practice involving the welfare of an animal.

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