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November 30, 2017. More elderly people than ever are falling foul of financial abuse through the laws of "power of attorney" designed to protect the most vulnerable which is actually leading to a rise in theft within families. ITV..Elderly Theft: Robbing Relatives.

November 30, 2017Rats epidemic in London: More than 100 complaints of mice and rats are recorded by councils every day, new report shows. BBC 1 News.

November 30, 2017. Incredible technology used to bring Harry Potter movies to life is now bringing magic to neurological science by showing us the inner workings of our brains. The incredible technology, once used to bring the fantastic beasts of Harry Potter to life, is now replicating the same magic away from the big screen  in the field of neuro-science. Kaleidoscopic in colour, the image rendering software allows scientists to explore the brain like never before. Luke Kenton. LiveLeak.

November 30, 2017. I cant stop going to the toilet what can I do?. It could be something like your pelvic floor is weakened through childbirth. It could be a mild infection that could be treated. A simple blood tests to check for diabetes. If nothing shows up there, ask to see a urologist. Using a camera to look into the bladder and taking some cells from there to find out what it is. Dr Zoe Williams. ITV This Morning

November 30, 2017. Male pattern baldness and premature greying are more of a risk factor for heart disease than obesity in men under 40, new research suggests. A study of more than 2,000 young men in India showed those who had coronary artery disease were prematurely bald or grey than men with a full head of hair. The European Society of Cardiology's study will be read at the Cardiological Society of India's annual conference. But the British Heart Foundation said other risk factors were important. Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the BHF, told the BBC: "This study suggests that identifying men with premature hair loss and greying may help identify those with an increased risk of developing heart disease. "However, this isn't something that people can change, whereas you can modify your lifestyle and risk factors such as high cholesterol and blood pressure. These are far more important things to consider." BBC News.

November 30, 2017. Slimming pills bought online are "potentially dangerous" and can cause serious health problems, says the UK's medicines watchdogSide-effects can include heart problems, blurred vision and diarrhoea, and some contain banned ingredients. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said people should go to their GP for advice first.A survey of 1,800 slimmers found one in three had bought pills online, with two-thirds experiencing side-effects. Most of those questioned by the MHRA and Slimming World had bought online because they had wanted to lose weight quickly. About 40% said they had not wanted to speak to a GP or pharmacist. In 2016, £3.7m worth of fake slimming pills were seized. BBC News.

November 29, 2017. Diabetes is causing a worldwide surge in cancer, researchers say. Eating healthily and exercising are vital to avoiding the potentially fatal consequences. The stark warning comes from a team of British scientists who found people with a high body mass index (BMI) who also had diabetes were behind 5.6 per cent of new cancer cases globally, affecting 792,600 people in 2012. Express News.

November 29, 2017. Viagra can be sold over the counter. Men will no longer require a GP's prescription to obtain the impotence drug, regulators have decided. BBC News.

November 28, 2017. New measures to try to reduce the number of babies who die or are seriously injured through childbirth in England are being announced by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. He wants to have independent investigation and give coroners the power to look into still-births. An NHS review found that in 80% of still-birth cases where the babies were 'seemingly healthy' as labour began. Improvements in care could have prevented the death. The Health Care Safety Investigations Branch was set up earlier this year will carry out the reviews. At the moment, still-births are investigated by hospitals which maybe the fault. Mr Hunt said, he hoped this would help the NHS learn from mistakes as the health service works to half the overall risk of still-births, deaths and brain injuries to babies by 2025. Presenter Jeremy Vine: Radio 2.

November 28, 2017. Is having a beer belly more risky than thigh fat? Heart attack risk could be dependent on where fat is stored in the body, as opposed to how much is stored, researchers have claimed. Heart attack risk could be increased with fat deposits in the belly, muscles and liver. Women have a higher relative amount of total body fat and higher superficial thigh fat, which is protective for cardiometabolic health. The detrimental fat depots deep in the belly, muscles and liver are more damaging for cardiometabolic health in women compared to men.There are 2.3 million people living with heart disease in the UK. Radiologist, Dr Miriam Bredella.

November 28, 2017.Obesity and heart attacks on the rise. We have now got an epidemic of obesity. When we compare the UK to other countries of Europe, we are the obesity capitol of Europe. 27% of men are obese compared to 21% in European countries. 29% of woman are obese compared to 22%. Were also second worse at exercising. Were terrible on heavy drinking rates and high cholesterol rates. High salts and high fats and its going to get worse. Obesity is the second largest cause of death after smoking. We are doing good. We have one of the lowest smoking rates in Europe, and good at controlling blood pressure. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 28, 2017. Gin maybe good for your liver. Gin and the 'light coloured' drinks such as gin, vodka, white wine, etc. They've got the alcohol there, but they contain less of a certain substance called congeners.(substances, other than the desired type of alcohol, ethanol, produced during fermentation) They are not on the label, they're higher in darker drinks like red wine, rum and brandy and the congeners are quite toxic to the brain causing severe headaches and muscle aches. There is one gin that this article highlights, it's the only gin that contains milk thistle is a herb that is reputed to protect the liver and reduce toxicity in the liver. Milk thistle goes back to the Romans, and they would use milk thistle to protect their livers. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 28, 2017. Angry people die sooner. Anger causes so many effects across the body. It can damage the DNA which can shorten your life. The increase in blood pressure is dangerous causing heart attacks or strokes. Men with higher anger scores were three times more likely to develop heart disease. The highly hostile individuals have poorer lung function. It has an effect on a certain hormone that builds collagen and that hormone is decreased under stress and anger. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 27, 2017. The tale of the Axolotl, these unbelievable cute amphibians have fantastically interesting tails and legs, because they can regrow their limbs perfectly. For that reason, they're bred in labs around the world to help us understand how 'they' can regenerate limbs and we can't. Part of the research is to enhance this 'tissue repair' for our own medical purposes.The Axolotl is probably one of the most abundant amphibian in labs and pet shops around the world because its very easy to keep. The cuteness means these animals also make very popular pets. As a wild animal though, they live only in Mexico where they've been part of the culture for centuries in food, folk medicine and art, but the wild Axolotle is on the very edge of extinction in its last remaining wetland home just south of Mexico City. This precipitous existence in the wild is also bad for the science and the countless Axolotls in captivity.  BBC Radio 4: Inside Science.

November 27, 2017. Safety fears as junior doctors are left to run A&E. Staff shortages within the NHS blamed for trainees 'fending for themselves' overnightThe Daily Mail has found that ambulance technicians have been sent to respond to 300,000 999 calls in England, rather than paramedics, despite the paper saying they have "less training and fewer skills".. Sky News Press Preview.

November 27, 2017. Russia's 'lies' over flu jabs in Britain. The Daily Mirror reveals that "Russian cyber units" are spreading false information about flu and measles jabs in the UK, in a bid to "erode trust in US and European governments". Sky News Press Preview.

November 26, 2017. Fracking in the capitol. The mayor of London has drafted a plan to be published this week to make clear that any application in London by boroughs presents a significant public health risk, as well as a risk of contamination to water supplies. BBC Radio London News.

November 26, 2017Anyone can produce a product and give an Italian name to it and sell it as coming from anywhere. We have seen 16 more products produced outside of the European Union and there is no such protection.  There is a huge business on 'Italian sounding' products. Stephan Nobold: BBC World Service: The Food Chain.

November 26, 2017. Many people may think they are eating authentic Parmesan cheese. We hope people will come to Italy and taste the real Italian food and tell the difference between the real and fake Italian food. Alexandra Bongiovanni BBC World Service: The Food Chain.

November 26, 2017. In Tuscany, they have more than 100 different olives. Last year I was in Sanremo, Italy. There was a producer. He said, this cheese is from the cow in 'this' field, and 'this' cheese is from the cow in 'that' field. Both cheeses were completely different. BBC World Service: Rita Mattiloli. The Food Chain. 

November 26, 2017. The UK government has said, they have found no link between the suicides in prisons and overcrowding. Sky News.

November 25, 2017. 1 in 5 women have experienced physical or sexual violence according to the United Nations. U.N. Sky News.

November 25, 2017. Getting a computer to understand what a brain tumour looks like. In a nutshell, what we have developed is a 'machine-learning algorithm' that can process the images that are required for patients when they are about to start their radiation therapy treatment. To perform this task with a patient with a brain tumour would take an hour or twenty minutes in a clinic. The algorithm can perform the first step of this task in three to four minutes. - There's a wave of money behind the idea that artificial intelligence can transform healthcare. - American tech giants like IBM are making big claims about the benefits A-I can deliver. - Japanese firms are looking at whether humanoid robots can do some of the work of nurses. - In the UK, 47m dollars has been invested in an 'Ada Health' app. It uses artificial intelligence to give patience a diagnosis via their mobile phones. - Britain's national health service is embracing this revolution. Recently the health secretary Jeremy Hunt said, computer could routinely be diagnosing health conditions ten years from now. BBC World Service: Tech Tent.

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