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September 19, 2017Gram for gram Lambs liver probably contains more nutrients than any other food. It's packed with iron, and Retinol, the animal source of vitamin A, which is very powerful antioxidant for the correct functioning of the immune system and for eye health, but in high doses can actually be quite toxic, so the general advice is, not to have it about more than once a week. Nutritionist and Offal expert Carroll Lynch.

September 19, 2017.  Woman cry 72 times a year. They cry around 4680 times in their adult life, more than twice as often as men. Blokes who say they are less embarrassed to cry in public because they feel its acceptable to show their emotions. Sad TV shows, books, tiredness and rows were the main reasons why they cry. Presenter Steve Wright: Radio 2.

September 19, 2017Fibromyalgia. 'Fibro' means painful tendons and ligaments. 'Myalgia' means painful muscles. Its a condition where you get widespread pain throughout the body, fatigue, poor sleep, depression. Unable to think clearly among a whole range of other symptoms. There is no specific test for this. If anyone has this condition, they can feel acute tenderness, along with a history of what the patient is experiencing. Tramadol is quite effective but very addicted. Low-dose antidepressants can be helpful. Physiotherapy, warm hydrotherapy pools, and cognitive behavioural therapy can help. Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

September 19, 2017World's first autonomous dental implant robot was used by professor in Forth Military Medical University, China to perform the first dental implant surgery. It will greatly cut dental cost down, according to dentists. Live Leak.

September 19, 2017New figures have detailed how more than 70% of teachers questioned admitted they suffered from psychological or mental health issues because of excessive workloads. In London 1 in 5 have suffered from panic attacks. Over half have struggled with insomnia or trouble sleeping, and 17% have formally been diagnosed with depression. ITV News

September 18 - 24 2017. National Eye Health Week. This year's National Eye Health Week (NEHW) will take place from 18 to 24 September 2017, promoting the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all.

September 18, 2017New laws are needed to protect people from faulty boilers. A change in the law is required so it should be compulsory for gas boilers to be checked and serviced annually by a registered gas safety engineer. Carbon monoxide kills 50 people in England and Wales every year. 4000 people are admitted to hospital for hospital treatment. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer because we cant see, taste, or smell the gas. ITV News.

September 18, 2017. Gas Safety Week. Gas safety is important all year round. Coordinated by Gas Safe Register to provide a platform for the gas industry, consumer organisations and individuals to focus all their communications about gas safety in one week, generating interest in the media and having a greater impact amongst the public. ITV News.

September 18, 201725% of woman feel their day is ruined, if they're having a bad hair day. Presenter Steve Wright. Radio 2.

September 18, 2017. Research by Magnet.ME claims 1 in 4 students are damaging their job prospects by drinking too much alcoholSky News.

September 18, 201720 people have been arrested in Tanzania's semi autonomous archipelago and Zanzibar for alleged homosexuality. Police said they were picked up in hotel where they were receiving training about HIV and AIDs education programmes. The police have accused them of spreading awareness about homosexually which is banned in Tanzania. BBC World Service News Hour

September 18, 2017 When you have bad teeth, your teeth they have a limited ability to repair cavities themselves. Obviously we still need fillings A group of scientists in Belfast have studied some stem cells that are naturally inside your teeth, and in the living bit right in the middle and they showed that if you were to expose them to aspirin, the common pain-killing drug, then it promotes a greater dentine production, and can trigger the dentine production. Their theory is if you can find a way of making aspirin be exposed directly onto the bit inside the cavity, by putting the drug into a gel or temporary filling that you could apply directly to where you needed the healing, then maybe you can help heal and improve tooth repair. However, aspirin has been around for Donkeys years.  it's incredibly cheap which means it's very hard to get someone interested to fund these kinds of trials, because if you can't get the money in because people cant see themselves making a profit because let's be honest, Aspirin costs a tiny amount of money, then there's no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to trial these drugs. James Gallagher. BBC World Service: Health Check.

September 18, 2017.  There has been a big jump in the number of hungry people around the World.  The UN report says 815 million people, that's 11% of the World; population didn't get enough to eat last year. It blames an increase in conflict and the impact of climate change. The report says the goal of ending hunger by 2030 won't be met unless all factors affecting food security are addressed. BBC World Service News.

September 17, 2017The annual flu jab can offer little or no protection against the virus in elderly people, research suggests. Figures published in the British Medical Journal indicates the £160million winter public health campaign may have been a waste of money for those over 65, its principal target. Reporter Lucy Johnston. Daily Express.

September 17, 2017Robotic Smart Homes set to improve lives of elderly. Fujita Health University Hospital showed how their latest designs for 'Robotic Smart Homes' are able to take care of Japan's rapidly ageing population, in Nagoya. The robots will transform elderly people's houses into 'Smart' homes, allowing residents to live independently and actively. The Fujita Health University Hospital team has so far developed a range of robots including the Human Support Robot, the Movement Support Robot and the Walking Support Robot. However, the Vice President  explained that robots that help with mobility are simply not enough as, "without communication they [the elderly] are not happy." To overcome this problem, the University Hospital team has developed the CommuTV (Communication Television) which also offers a "human relationship. Live Leak.

September 17, 2017Researchers from Columbia University created a skin patch to help target fat-burning in problem areas such as love handles. Mice who tested the patch lost 20 percent of their fat. Daily Mail.

September 16, 2017Scientists in the United States say they have developed the technology to make all children's vaccinations single jabs, doing away with the need for boosters. It is their hope for the first step towards creating a one-stop-jab for all childhood vaccinations. The technology involved injecting the patient with a tiny non-toxic capsule, like a miniature coffee cup that will be filled with the vaccine and sealed with a  lid. The contents would then be released at the right time over several weeks. Also, its much less risky for a child to have just one injection rather than have many separate injections. BBC World Service: News hour.

September 16, 2017. The Worlds biggest car maker plans to electrify its entire range by 2030. Meanwhile, luxury car maker Daimler says, it plans to offer a an electric or hybrid version of every Mercedes Benz model within 5 years.  Sky News.

September 16, 201714 unions representing a million NHS workers have written to the chancellor demanding a 3.9% pay rise. The government has been criticised for only lifting the 1% public sector pay cap for police and prison officers in England and Wales. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 16, 2017 From September 11 - 17. A host of charities in the UK are taking part in the annual 'remember a charity in your will week'. It urges people to make a will and leave a legacy to charity. If every person left just a small amount in their will, it would make a huge difference for charities. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

September 16, 2017The number of people getting diagnosed with HIV is dropping, but not in Chile where there's been a 45% increase over the last 5 years.  Especially between people from 20 - 29 years old because of new cases every year and more people getting tested. We think round 65,000 people have HIV, but only 41,000 people have been diagnosed with it. The most vulnerable group are men having sex with other men. Now the situation has changed because of medical advances and treatment is free in Chile,  fewer people are dying. The ministry of health has recently started a massive multimedia campaign to raise awareness in Chilli. BBC World Service: Health Check.

September 15, 2017A study shows that a Mediterranean diet consisting of nuts, fruits, whole grains and olive oil and low in red meat can reduce the chance of death by 37% in people who have heart disease. + Lowering your cholesterol levels, exercising every day for 40 minutes, 3 times a week can reduce your cholesterol, and higher rewards are gained if we also change our diet + We've looked at people in middle age, and look at their sense of well-being, and then follow them through until later life, we know that people who don't have good mood, or aren't engaging with the World, have a poorer outcome as they get older. + Stress can affect our hormones and reduces our ability to recover from an illness which makes us more vulnerable to the ageing process. BBC 1 Documentary.

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