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October 30, 2017The Daily Express reports, that being married or in a loving relationship, could reduce the risk of developing dementia by up to 60 percent. RNIB Connect Radio.

October 30, 2017Family pets are equally, if not more at risk of being affected by passive smoking, as humans, research suggested today. Radio 2 News.

October 30, 2017A cancer charity Macmillan has appointed a digital nurse to try to counter fake news about diseases on the internet. According to McMillan, two out of five people diagnosed with cancer, go to the internet to find information about their condition, and what they're finding is highly unreliable. There are for example complete inaccurate claims that baking soda is a cure for cancer, and that more people die of chemotherapy than die of cancer. The digital nurse Ellen McPake will be based at the charities office on Glasgow, and via social media and the charities website, she will answer questions from cancer patients in the UK. BBC Radio 2 News.

October 30, 2017In the UK, eating Horse meat is a controversial issue, because very little Horse meat is consumed by humans. Its a similar story in the US and Australia. But globally every year, about 5 million Horses are slaughtered every year, and 725,000 tonnes of Horse meat is produced according to the food and agriculture organisation of the UN. China is the biggest producer accounting for about a 3rd of that, followed by Kazakhstan, Mexico and Russia. Many European countries also have an apatite for Horse meat too, including Italy and France. BBC World Service: Food Chain.

October 30, 2017NHS pressured our kids to change sex: Transgender backlash as desperate parents accuse overzealous therapists of 'blindly accepting' children's claims to have been born in the wrong body. Parents are concerned that clinic staff are 'blindly accepting' children's claims. Campaign group Transgender Trend receives pleas for help from parents. One mother was stunned when a 15-year-old girl was referred to a specialist transgender clinic after a consultation of just 40 minutes. Daily Mail.

October 29, 2017Many people 'are not properly cleaning their anuses': Doctors warn toilet paper does little to remove faeces - and we should all be using wet wipes. Dry toilet paper can leave behind faeces or cause someone to excessively wipe. Over wiping can create anal fissures or irritate haemorrhoids in the rectum. Bidets in toilets are popular in Spain, Italy and Greece but aren't found as often in some countries. Daily Mail.

October 29, 2017Plans to create a vast new sanctuary for marine life in East Antarctica have failed.  International experts meeting in Tasmania had been expected to establish a protected area. Campaigners had hoped that the annual meeting would establish a protected area covering a million square kilometres of Eastern Antarctica. The remainder countries could not reach the necessary consensus. Its understood Russia and China expressed concerns about fishing rights. BBC News

October 28, 2017Dr Google: I'm feeling yucky. This week Google unveiled its new symptom cards, which will pop to the top of your search results the next time you try to search for your various ailments. Currently only on the Apple or Android Google apps, this feature will eventually be available through web browser searches too. Google developed its symptom cards with the help of doctors at Harvard medical school and the Mayo Clinic.Celine Gounder. Guardian.

October 28, 2017  Emergency services are trying to identify the source of a smell which is being likened to burning plastic which was reported in Seaford, East Sussex, UK. Residents were told to stay indoors and keep their windows closed. BBC Radio 1 News.

October 27, 2017Woman in Scotland, UK are going to be able to take abortion pills at home. Part of the treatment can now be taken away from medical centres. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

October 27, 2017.  Men burn fat faster than a woman by a rate of about 50 calories a day. Men get hiccups more often than woman. A man has approximately 6.8 litres of blood in the body, while a woman has approximately, 5 litres. Presenter Steve Wright Radio 2.

October 27, 2017.  USA President Donald Trump has called on Americas pain-killer addiction crisis 'a national shame'. He declared it a 'public health emergency'. Mr Trump announced a plan to target the abuse of opioids which kill more than 140 Americans every day. Presenter Steve Wright Radio 2.

October 27, 2017. New research suggests open heart surgery is safer in the afternoon, then in the morning because of the bodies internal clock. The report published in the Lancet says the heart is generally stronger and better able to withstand surgery in the afternoon, than in the morning. BBC Radio 2. News.

October 27, 2017Loneliness. In technological terms, we are more connected to each other than ever before, but still, loneliness is a huge problem. Which, as well as feeling miserable, can affect your health long term. Connecting via social media is a solution for some, but not everyone is comfortable with the technology. The team at Bath University in the UK are working on a project using a radio-like box, to connect up carers who are isolated at home looking after other people. Loneliness is a public health issue. The negative effects of loneliness outweigh the negative effects of not taking exercise, of obesity, and are equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  BBC World Service: Health Check.

October 26, 2017One in six workers in England are said to be suffering from mental health problems. The report is warning it could be costing the economy 99 billion pounds a year. Staff well-being needs to be taking seriously. RNIB Connect: Early Edition News.

October 26, 2017The NHS are piloting a scheme for a 'care B&B scheme' for some home-owners who will be paid $50.00 a day, and up to a thousand pounds to host NHS patients with the hope to stop bed-blocking in a "airbnb-style" scheme. ITV This Morning. The NHS said, they wont go ahead with the trial, until safety measures are in place. Smooth radio.

October 26, 2017MPs will carry out a major inquiry in to E-Cigs. There is concerns about significant gaps in what is known about them. The government wants to clear up any confusion about their impact on health, and how they should be regulated. A recent survey found nearly 3 million people use E-Cigs, and half have given up smoking conventional ones altogether. Ch 5 News.

October 25, 2017The World Health Organisation has recommended a new vaccine against typhoid fever. Experts believe the vaccine is so effective, it could help eliminate the disease altogether. Unlike other typhoid vaccines, the new treatment works in children. Typhoid, a highly contagious bacteria spreads through contaminated food and water and kills around 200.000 people every year.BBC News.

October 25, 2017Climate is not to blame for the loss of insects. It might be habitat fragmentation, loss of habitat. It's an ecological catastrophe with far-reaching consequences.  We can all do this - plant wild flowers. It is important to have flowers throughout the year. Don't manicure or weed stuff out. Ivy, very important - let it grow. Autumn flowers are vital to encourage insects back even if you don't have a garden, grow them in pots.Find more information at our website. BBC 1 Autumnwatch.

October 25, 2017New research on psilocybin, which is the ingredient you find in magic mushrooms. A new study has been looking at what happens in the brain after taking it. Its not clear how. But the chemical may some how, reboot the brain to treat some of these patients. Only about 19 patients in the UK were tested. They scanned their brain to see how they felt. It was fascinating really. All 19 patients said their depression had improved immediately after taking the chemical, and almost half still felt the benefits five weeks later. We need to do more random trials. People with depression have been warned not to treat themselves, but with clinical trials with medical supervision. BBC World Service: Health Check.

October 25, 2017Are you vitamin D deficient? 6 signs even your doctor might miss. A simple test and supplement could help. 1. You get frequent infections. Vitamin D is vital to the health of the immune system. 2. You’re depressed, especially in winter. Vitamin D is understood to play a key role in maintaining healthy levels of serotonin in the brain. You’re literally always tired. Vitamin D is essential for converting food into energy. You have joint pains or weak bones. Vitamin D is essential to help regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body, giving it a key role in the functioning of joints, muscles and teeth and adequate levels help ward off osteomalacia (soft bones) and osteoporosis (loss of bone density) in later life. 5. Your muscles hurt. Vitamin D supports muscle function because receptors for it are located all over the body, including in the muscles. Others at risk of deficiency include the elderly who are housebound and in care homes. Office workers who spend most of their days inside. People who cover up for religious purposes. People who work night shifts and sleep during the day. Anyone whose lifestyle prevents them from getting outside regularly. Daily Mail.

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