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November 25, 2017. Houseflies might be depositing diseases onto your food right now, a study has warned. The animals carry hundreds of different species of bacteria, and might help that spread between humans, according to a new study. And it is carried when they land on poop and other disgusting organic matter that is then carried onto your food, the scientists speculate. The news might not come as a surprise to anyone who's batted houseflies away from a lunch while it's waiting on the kitchen counter. But it shows that behaviour is scientifically verified, and that it's a good idea to keep them away. Independent.

November 24, 2017. The 10.000 steps. Were told to count our steps to keep healthy, but where does this magic figure of 10,000 comes from apart from being a nice round number? It all goes back to the 1960s in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics. Catrine Tudor-Locke from the School of public and health sciences at University of Massachusetts, Amherst explained. There was a pedometer company in Japan that produced a new pedometer and they called it 'Manpo-Kei', and man is 10,000, 'po' is 'step', and 'Kei', is 'metre' or 'gauge', and they put this out in advance at the Tokyo Olympics and it just resonated with the Japanese people, and there were Manpo-keiing all over the place. Literally going for 10,000 steps a day. They also studied 10,000 steps verses 5,000, so of course, a study is going to say 10,000 is best. But its not a precise number where angels start to sing for everyone. The message is, get at least 5000 steps a day, and ideally 7500 or more, and don't get obsessed about reaching the 10,000 mark. Claudia Hammond: BBC World Service. Health Check.

November 24, 2017Hope for a cancer cure. A potentially cure for cancer could be ready to test on patients as early as next year. British scientists are developing an immune therapy based on blood cells from patients who have made 'miracle' recoveries from the disease. They believe they have found a way to extract the cancer-killing immune cells from donor blood and then multiply them by the million The team at Kings College London say they are excited by the early results of lab tests. Reporter Mark Reynolds.

November 24, 2017. A potentially lethal narcotic that is blown into the face to leave women helpless is being used by date rapists, it is claimed. Police are urging victims to speak out amid fears that ‘Devil’s Breath’ or the drug scopolamine derived from South American shrubs is now a threat. Derived from the South American borrachero shrub, the motion sickness treatment causes hallucinations, seizures and memory loss in high doses. Metro News.

November 24, 2017. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease risk could be cut by losing weight. Avoiding inflammatory foods could also help to reduce risk. Eggs are the most nutritious foods you can eat. Poached and hard boiled eggs had the fewest calories. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease risk could be reduced by maintaining a healthy weight and reducing inflammation, and eating enough eggs in your diet could be the key. Cancer. But, the conditions could also by avoided by adding eggs to your diet. Express.

November 23, 2017. Researchers are to investigate whether former footballers are at greater risk of developing dementia after years of heading the ball. The study will examine around 15,0000 ex player. BBC Radio 2 News.

November 23, 2017. The success of egg freezing declines rapidly if you do it after the age of 25, that's because the quality of your eggs deteriorates rapidly. If woman are reaching the age of 30, and they're in a financial position to consider egg freezing because it is expensive, and they;re not thinking about having them in the next year or two, its definitely something to give some thought to. Dr Zoe Williams. ITV. This Morning.

November 23, 2017. Egg freezing is available on the NHS for very limited reasons. In terms of funding, it costs thousands of pounds to do this, and not every woman in their twenties and thirties are in the position to do this. Initially, it was developed for patients who had cancer who want to ensure they have children later on in life. That's where the NHS will step in and quite often fund that. However, if you choose to freeze your eggs for social reasons, you have to do that with your own fund. Women under the age of 36, provided we get around 12 eggs or so, we can have a success rate of up to 50%, however that rapidly declines after the age of 36. Dr Larisa Corda. Fertility Expert. ITV This Morning.

November 23, 2017. Women are being conned by private IVF clinics. The field is being driven by profits often at the expense of patients. National statistics show egg freezing is extremely unsuccessful and has an overall success rate less than 10% which can leave to a lot of disappointment, especially in woman in their 40s. In 2001, only 60 babies were born from frozen eggs. Professor Robert Winston. Britain's Leading Fertility Expert.ITV This Morning.

November 22, 2017. NHS trusts in England to get an extra £350m immediately to deal with winter pressures. - NHS to get an extra £10bn over the course of this parliament. - £28m for Kensington and Chelsea council for mental health services and support for surrounding areas. - The government will investigate how the tax system can charge on single-use plastic items can reduce waste. The Budget. BBC Parliament.

November 22, 2017. A masculinity report looking at Why suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK. Its because men cant be emotional, that men cant cry, or express their feelings, and that stops them from talking when they're struggling and seeking help. Natasha Devon. Writer and social critic. ITV This Morning. 

November 22, 2017. Beat arthritis with vitamin D. Daily pill could stop the agony of swollen joints. Sky News Press Preview.

November 21, 2017. The drug company 'Concordia' has been accused of over-charging the NHS of tens of millions of pounds a year for a thyroid medicine. The competition and markets authority says, the company abused its dominant position by vastly increasing the cost of Liothyronine. Concordia said, it invested significantly in the drug over the past decade. Radio 2 News.

November 21, 2017. Woman are advised to sleep on their side to help prevent still birth. The research looked at a thousand woman and looked at those pregnant woman who slept on their back face double the risk of still birth. Its actually the last three months of pregnancy is very important. Go to sleep on your side if you're in the last three months of pregnancy. If your lying on your back, the way the uterus and the baby compresses the blood vessels which decreases the blood supply and oxygen to the baby. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 21, 2017. A Chinese stir-fry that could be the death of you. They heated up the oil, and added a couple of droplets of water into the oil, and the water caused the fat to explode into millions of microscopic particles into the air. Is this hazardous? We don't know yet. You're possibly cooking in a poorly ventilated environment. It might be hazardous to your health. Millions of deaths worldwide occur due to indoor air pollution. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 21, 2017. The NHS is set to roll out screening test centres to help increase early diagnoses by offering cancer screening from supermarket car parks. Radio London.

November 19, 2017. Pupils at Eton College, UK have been banned from using their mobile phones in the bedroom to stop pupils losing sleep.  In a survey, ten percent of 11 to 18 year old's admitted to checking their phones at least ten times a nightSKY News.

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