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November 18, 2017. Tens of thousands of disability and sickness benefit claimants may have been underpaid and it could cost up to £500m to correct the error. The Department for Work and Pensions confirmed it had identified errors in the payment of employment and support allowance (ESA) that could affect 75,000 people who transferred to it from incapacity benefits. The errors affected people who applied for ESA between 2011-12 and 2014-15 and were identified by the DWP late last year, according to BBC News, which uncovered the error. The department has contacted about 1,000 of the people who could be affected so far, according to the BBC, and has begun making repayments. News.
November 17, 2017. If you have donated to Children In Need in the past, mark my words. You've been a big part of it. You don't need to be kidney specialist. You don't need to be bereavement councillor or a doctor of science, all you have to do is provide that expert care by donating. Matt Baker. Children In Need. The Rickshaw challenge. BBC 1.

November 17, 2017, The 2 Sisters factory closed for 5 weeks after an investigation raised concerns about Chicken being put back on the production line after falling on the floor, and also changing the slaughter dates on Chickens. Senior MPs have asked for better regulation of food processing factories, after a joint ITV news and Guardian investigation uncovered safety breaches at the UK's biggest Chicken supermarket supplier. A scathing report into the '2 Sisters' scandals said, it should act as a wake-up call to food regulators, the FSA, as it was 'too easy for suppliers to dodge food safety rules'. The committee said, the breeches uncovered at the plant are not a one-off. ITV News.

November 17, 2017. Drinking three cups of coffee each day could save your life: Beverage slashes the risk of fatal liver diseases by 70%, reveals review. Coffee has high quantities of caffeine, kahweol, cafestol and antioxidants. Scientists believe this is where the drink's life-saving benefits stem from. A review found coffee reduces the risk of liver disease, liver cancer and cirrhosis. Charities state coffee is an easy change to reduce the risk of an early death. Daily Mail.

November 17, 2017. The United Nations has warned that thousands of people in Yemen will die if Saudi-led military coalition does not immediately lift the blockade. It says one million children are now at risk of diphtheria outbreak, and at least 20 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian care. BBC News.

November 16, 2017. If you have any of the eye conditions such as glaucoma, lazy eyes, or squinting which can run in the family. Get your children an eye test if there's a family history of any of these conditions. People of Asian or African Caribbean decent are more at risk of developing eye disease. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

November 16, 2017. An investigation has found that an increasing number of men are using blue pills like Viagra to counter the effects of alcohol or other drugs. The number of unlicensed erectile dysfunctional drugs seized in the UK has increase seven-fold in five years. RNIB Connect: Early Edition.

November 16, 2017coconut water can be used as plasma. Steve Wright Show. Radio 2.

November 16, 2017. Opium production in Afghanistan has hit record levels amid the resurgence of the Taliban, reports the UN. Poppy cultivation rose 87% to 4,8000 tons last year. Metro News.

November 16, 2017. Electrical shocks to the brain have boosted human memory for the first time. Now scientists hope their device could be used to help people with Alzheimer's. Prof Dong Song and his team from the University of Southern California implanted the device in 20 volunteers. Memory improved by about 15% in short-term test when correct stimulation pattern was used. Some volunteers improved by 30% in a longer-term memory test. They hope this could help sufferers from Alzheimer's and other dementias by bypassing the damage caused by cell death in the hippocampus. Metro News.

November 15, 2017. From baby-sitting in the evening, to looking after the kids when you're at work. Grandparents are playing an ever greater role in family life, and children love it. There are all those treats from granny and grand dad. but that's where the problem starts. Researchers at the University of Glasgow claim, over indulging with grandparents could be harming children's health. Many youngsters all over the world are being over-indulged by grandparents giving them too much sugar and fatty foods. The study says, grandparents have a key role to play in encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and must give children clear messages. ITV News.

November 15, 2017. Do you have a psychic vampire in your life? A physic vampire is a toxic person who drains you of energy because of their emotional energy, and because of their intense egotism, paranoia or jealousy. DJ Steve Wright. Radio 2.

November 15, 207. Britain is in danger of becoming a nation of pill-poppers where people use drugs to fight chronic illnesses like heart disease instead of living healthy lives. Cholesterol-lowering statins are already taken by up to seven million Britons deemed to be at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, while some academics advocate those over 45 should take low-dose aspirin to help ward off cancer. By all means over-eat and don't take any exercise, but in today's world you may find that means 20 years of chronic disability at the end of your life,.Telegraph.

November 15, 2017. A visit to the optician is a common way to see if you have diabetes. The optician can looks inside the eye, and will either see a cataract, or retinopathy and that's when they can see if you may have diabetes and you need to have a glucose tolerance test. You need to see how your body reacts to sugar to diagnose it. You can ignore it for years and not know you have it until you're tested. LBC Radio.

November 14, 2017. Newham Borough  in London is struggling to cope with the increasing numbers of people there developing type 2 diabetes, so, it has enlisted the help of the boroughs famous football club West Jam. Its running walk in football classes to help people manage the condition. Almost 1 in 10 people in Newham, among the highest rate in the country, but with exercise and a healthy diet, it can be reversed. ITV News.

November 14, 2017. Sitting down for too long can cause medical problems. Sitting for too long on long train journeys, long-haul flights, and watching television. Get up and walk around to stop blood clotting. Put an exercise bike in the room. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 14, 2017. Wolfing your food too fast can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. They were 5 times more likely to risk heart attack, raised blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. They looked at a thousand middle-aged people and studied them for 5 years monitoring their eating speeds, and they found that 2.3% of the slow eaters developed this condition.(Metabolic syndrome blood pressure raised cholesterol.) The fast eaters, 11.6% developed this risk. Chew your food thoroughly, eat slowly and enjoy your food. Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 14, 2017. A study of 200,00 people over 30 years found a handful of nuts, twice a week had a much reduced incidents of a heart attack or stroke. All the tree nuts that grow on the tress, but not peanut butter. 
Dr Chris Steele. ITV This Morning.

November 13, 2017. Food waste we all throw away. There are mountains of it. Across the country, we throw away 10 million tonnes of food every year. That's 17 billion pounds worth in the bin, and were told 60% of that is avoidable. Over-production is  fact of the modern food industry. Food that could have, and should have been eaten. BBC News.

November 13, 2017The Asian giant is responsible for around 30% of global car emission. The powerful impact of China's economy on the worlds economyNew data suggests that global emissions of carbon dioxide is rising for the first time in four years. The main cause of the increase has been greater use of coal in China. The projected data for 2017 is being presented at a Untied Nations Climate conference in German. Emissions from carbon dioxide have fallen in American and Europe. BBC News.

November 13, 2017From physicist in the Nobel prize winning team that discovered the Higgs Boson particle, to health-care entrepreneur. Dr Elina Berglund has received 30 million dollars of funding for a smart-phone app that guides woman through a natural form of birth control. It works by measuring their mouth temperatures in the morning, and entering into an app. The algorithm runs in the background and it tells woman is she's at risk of pregnancy that day or. World Service: Tech Tent.

November 12, 2017. Mysterious substance washes up on UK beach. Council workers from Wyre in the UK wore white suits and masks on Saturday to remove huge chunks of a mysterious, possibly toxic substance which washed up on the beach at Cleveleys near Blackpool. Pet owners were warned to keep their animals well away from the area. Coastguard workers said it is ‘likely’ to be palm oil, which can prove fatal to dogs that lick or eat it, but are now awaiting test results. The Environment Agency has been drafted in to help investigate the incident, which is being treated seriously by council officials in Wyre. Fleetwood station officer Mark Sumner said: “If it turns out to be harmless, great, but if it’s palm oil dogs could end up very ill, and death is a possibility.” LiveLeak.

November 12, 2017. Disturbing surveillance videos from 'Hill Crest Behavioural Health' appear to show young patients being abused by Hill Crest staff members. Hill Crest is owned by America's largest psychiatric hospital chain United Health Service. Daily Mail.

November 12, 2017. A baby has been born in the amniotic sac. Fewer than one in 80,000 babies are born 'en caul', when the bubble of protective membranes which encases a baby in the womb does not break during birth. Normally, the sac, which protects the baby from movement during gestation, breaks and at the start of labour.Daily Mail

November 12, 2017. Statins can cause muscle 'damage'. New storm over statins as experts fight over the benefits. The research said that for most the drugs only slightly reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. A specialist in healthcare policy at Harvard Medical School, reviewed a study originally published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found 217 patients would need to take the drug to prevent one non-fatal heart attack while 313 people would need treatment with statins to prevent one non-fatal stroke. And at least one in 21 statin users suffers muscle damage and one in 204 developed diabetes which, along with muscle pain, has been linked to the controversial cholesterol-lowering drugs aimed at preventing heart disease. Daily Express.

November 11, 2017. A new 'breath test' to tell you if you have Malaria. Our bodies are producing smells all the time. When your bodies changed, such as being infected by Malaria parasites, then that changes the chemistry inside your body that's dealing with the infection, and that's changing some of the chemicals that are produced. And part of those come out of your breath as volatile organic compounds,  and you can detect them and smell them. They call it, 'Malaria breath'. The device looks like normal breathalyser, like one used to detect drink-driving, but instead of that, it detects whether you have A Malaria infection. Its only 83% accurate. The technology needs to be refined. BBC World Service: James Gallagher.

November 10, 2017. India's environmental watchdog has criticised a move by officials in the capitol Delhi to reduce a toxic smog which is causing severe health concerns. A 'National Green Tribunal' have described the plan to restrict road vehicles next week as a farce. It called on the Delhi government to demonstrate that previous use of the scheme had actually improved air quality. The tribunal also called on neighbouring states to stop crop burning. BBC World Service News.

November 10, 2017. An American widow has had an emotional meeting with the man who received her dead husbands face in a pioneering transplant operation. Lilly Ross met Andy sandler 16 months after the surgery made possible by her decision to allow the donation of the face to a man who had been living for a decade without one. When she net the man with her dead husbands face, she was relieved that Andy did not look like her husband. Sky News.

November 10, 2017. Fentanyl deaths and abuse. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than heroin by volume. Its so potent. The dangers of this drug are known, yet what's in the drug isn't. Tony Margetts. Substance Misuse Manger. ITV News.

November 9, 2017. Always, always check your breasts, and if you find anything abnormal, go and see your doctor. Jeremy Vine Radio 2.

November 9, 2017. Arthritis symptoms include joint pain and inflammation, and the condition affects about 10 million people in the UK. But, adding a household favourite spice to your dinner could relieve signs of arthritis.The charity recommended taking between 400mg and 600mg of turmeric three times a day for osteoarthritis patients. Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers should take 500mg twice, daily. But, large amounts of turmeric can act as a blood thinner, and can lead to an upset stomach, Arthritis Foundation warned. Avoid the spice if you’re already taking blood thinners, if you’re pregnant, have gallbladder disease, or about to have surgery. GP and nutritional therapist Dr Sarah Brewer said: “There is a surprisingly long list of natural substances that can help knee pain. The most beneficial in clinical and nutritional medicine practice are krill oil,turmeric, rose hip extracts, devil’s claw, cherry extracts and ginger root extract.”Express.

November 9, 2017. A study was done showing teenagers were just as forgetful as elderly people, but when the teenagers forgot things, it was not attributed to anything. Comedian Andy Hamilton. Radio 4EX.

November 8, 2017. A child suffering from a rare genetic condition which leaves skin as fragile as a butterflies wings has been given genetically modified skin in a series of life-saving operation in Germany. Using experimental therapy skin was taken from the boy. Its DNA repaired in a laboratory, and the new skin grafted back onto his body. Its a medical first. The disease is called 'Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa', the separate layers of his skin should be held together like Velcro. But Hussain's DNA is missing vital instructions, that leaves his skin as fragile as a butterflies wing. There's no cure and and around 4 in 10 patients do not reach adolescence. BBC 1 News.

November 8, 2017. The children's Society has warned that the lives of hundreds and thousands of children are being damaged by their parents alcohol abuse. Sky News. There will be many people out there who will want something to be done to support these people, but don't feel they can speak out  Shadow health  secretary Jonathan swift.

November 8, 2017Cutting back on alcohol can prevent cancers: experts. The new review of past studies on the link between alcohol and cancer, published Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found that approximately 3.5 percent of all cancer deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to alcohol consumption. In addition, researchers said that in 2012, approximately 5.5 percent of all new cancer occurrences and 5.8 percent of all cancer deaths globally could be attributed to drinking alcohol. ABC News.

November 8, 2017. More US mothers and babies are dying: Underlying conditions like diabetes and opioid addiction now cause more childbirth deaths and complications than delivery issues Historically, maternal deaths in America have been caused by delivery complications like haemorrhages. Now, for the first time ever, chronic underlying conditions cause most deaths. Data reveal that, for the first time ever, underlying conditions like obesity-linked diabetes, asthma or opioid addiction now cause the most deaths. The increase has been particularly dramatic in poor and rural areas of the US. Daily Mail.

November 7, 2017. Here the NHS is struggling to cope with rising demand for front-line services despite increasing the number of staff in England. That's the warning from health bosses who say, boosting the work-force is not enough to tackle the growing needs of patients. The pressure has got so great on staff, the patients are at risk. NHS providers voiced their concerns ahead of their annual conference which gets under way in Birmingham today. BBC News.

November 7, 2017. Patients with chest infections can now be analysed. It can then tell you if its a bacteria infection, or a viral infection. If its a bacterial, antibiotics will help, if its a viral infection, antibiotics won't help. Its a £12.00 test, and if this comes along in a GP surgery, it would be great. Dr Chris Steele.ITV This Morning.

November 7, 2017. Parkinson's, a disease of the central nervous system. As the system progresses, people with Parkinson's develop tremors, lose their ability to move, and their balance. They're more at risk of falling and are therefore likely to break their limbs. The average age of diagnosis is 60. In Canada 25 people a day are diagnosed with the condition which is expected to rise as the population increases.As the disease progresses, Parkinson's sufferers movements get so small, they may simply lose the ability to move.High intensity training really helps. BBC World Service Health Check.

November 6, 2017. London is leading the way using technology to get you an appointment with a GP on the day you want it. Patients can now use their phones to get a 'video consultation' with a doctor. But critics say, "we will lose the crucial relationship with a doctor who knows us and our history". The new service promises you a chat with a doctor within two hours, 24 hours a day. ITV News.

November 6, 2017. Research from Action For Children suggests more than half of parents say parenthood left them feeling lonely.  Lack of money and inability to leave the house when caring for children leaves parents feeling isolated. Sky News.

November 6, 2017. After the mass shooting in Texas, USA, President Trump said, its not a matter of guns, but a matter of mental health. Sky News.

November 6, 2017. The problem we have with pain killers is, they are very very addictive. As time goes on, you need more and more to get the same effect. You go through a mini withdrawal every time the levels in your body drop, therefore you end up taking more, but as you get used to them, then you become resistant, and need to take more and more stronger ones.. Dr Sarah Jarvis. Radio 2

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