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April 21, 2017. For every hour you run, you gain an extra 7 hours on to your life is what the research has shown us. So if you start to multiply this up and make running a regular habit for 2 hours every week for 40 years is 3.2 extra years of your life you gain from running.  BBC Science & Health Reporter. James Gallagher.

April 20, 2017. Medicines are so common and a serious public health issue globally. There are 1.3 million people annually in the USA. alone. Globally medication errors cost more than 32 billion U.S. dollars each year. The World Health Organisation. (WHO) is trying to half these kind of errors within the next 5 years. Doctor Nina Dhingra. Coordinator patient and safety and quality improvement unit.

April 20, 2017. Every day in the U.S.A, 1 patient dies as a result of medical errors. Another 1.3 million people are injured. World Service Radio - Health Check.

April 20, 2017. Cycling to work can half the risk of cancer and heart disease. Those who cycle to work have a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and 45% lower risk of developing cancer than people who drive to work or take public transport. Dr Carlos Celis-Morale. University of Glasgow.

April 20, 2017. Cycling all or most of the way to work can substantially lower risk of adverse health outcomes.  Dr Jason Gill, from the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences.

April 2017. Cancer is caused by genetic damage, and that genetic damage accumulates over the years, and when enough genes become damaged, the cells begin to go out of control, divide in an uncontrollable matter, and that forms a tumor. Doctor Paul Nurse. Francis Crick Institute. 

April 2017. My body deteriorated at age 87. Being very vein I decided to do something about it by improving my social life, exercising and eating healthily. By the age of 90, my body had been rebuilt. You can learn something new, and start a new life at any age. Charles Eugster. Age 98.

April, 2017. To feel and look younger, it's best to eat an 'inflammatory diet' of no sugar, no white pasta, white rice and white bread, and eat more oily fish like Mackerel, Herrings, Salmon and Trout, and fruit and vegetables. Dale Pinnock, Chef & Nutritionist.

April, 2017. Children as young as 4 are showing signs of mental health problems. 91% of teachers have seen pupils have anxiety or panic attacks. 79% have seen pupils with depression. 64% knows a child who self harms. 49% of children with eating disorders and 18% of teachers have been in contact with 4 - 7 year old's with mental health issues. National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT.

April, 2017. In the U.S children as young as 13 are checking into treatment centres to beat their addiction to their mobile devices which could cause permanent damage from early exposure to electronic screens. Sky News.

April, 2017. 75% of all suicides are men. It's also the biggest killer of men under 45. Jonny Benjamin. Suicide campaigner.

April, 2017. 3/4 of people with Alzheimer's have been victims of financial abuse. Alzheimer's Society.

April, 2017. The HSBC bank launches a 'Dementia advice guide' for customers with Dementia. HSBC spokesman.

April, 2017. Eating fresh fruit every day cut the risk of dietetics despite it's sugar content.It can also reduce complications among people who already have the disease. Oxford University.

April, 2017. Fresh fruit has many health benefits and it's a myth that people with diabetes should not eat it. The type of sugar in whole fruit is different to the added sugar we should avoid. Dr Emily Burns. Dietetics UK Research Manager.

April, 2017. It's madness for the NHS to spend millions fighting type 2 diabetes when the simple cure is exercise. Dr Michael Mosley.

April, 2017. Being overweight greatly increases the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. 68 per cent of men and 58 per cent of women in the UK are overweight.

April, 2017. More than 8 per cent of people over 20 years old are already diabetic in the UK.

April 2017. A cancer causing chemical called acrylamide has been found in one in five packets of crisps. World Health Organisation. W.H.O.

April, 2017. Swapping White carbs, for whole grains may lower your risk for heart disease by 34%.

April 2017. 11.000 woman die every year from breast cancer. 1 in 10 woman never check their breasts for breast cancer. 15.000 lives could be saved if they all checked. Dr Chris Steel.

April, 2017.  People who smoke high grade Cannabis are more likely to develop psychosis. GP Sarah Caroline Jarvis.

March, 2017. 1 in 1000 people die of pneumonia in the UK every year.

March, 2017.  Type 2 diabetes is just down to laziness and should be called a 'walking deficiency syndrome'. Doctor Sir Muir Gray.

March, 2017. 1 in 50 heart attacks that lead to hospital admission may be triggered by air pollution. St George's hospital.

March, 2017. Pessimism Vs optimism. People who are most 'pessimistic' will die from heart disease compared to those who had a more positive outlook of life. TV presenter Noel Edmond's.

March 2017. 4 million people in the UK are diabetic, around 90% of those are type 2.

March 2017. Out of the 2500 people who suffered from Carbon monoxide poisoning, it will kill around 6 people every day in the UK.

March, 2017. The UK has the 4th most medicated population in Europe when it comes to anti-depressants. UK Office for National Statistics.

2017. Eating 10 fruit and vegetables per day cut's the risk of premature death by 31%.

2017. 8 million premature deaths could be avoided by eating more fruits and vegetables. London Imperial College.

2017. Having an especially stressful job raises the chance of men getting cancer. Prolonged exposure increases the risk of lung, rectal, colon and stomach cancer. A Canadian Study.

2016. Almost 9 in 10 people are not aware that drinking red wine can increase the risk of cancer. World Cancer Research poll.

2016. Disruption of our immune system of negative energy makes you prone to diseases of which cancer is won. TV presenter. Dr Chris Steel.

2016. 1 in 4 Chickens sold in the UK was contaminated with E.coli. University of Cambridge.

2016. Over the next 20 years, it's estimated that 135.000 people will die from cancer caused by alcohol costing the NHS £2 billion. By 2036 the UK could see up to 8,000 oesophageal, bowel and breast cancer every year due to drinking. N.H.S.

2016. Two thirds of all fresh Chickens sold in butchers and major store chains are contaminated with E-Coli. It can have the potential to cause serious health problems. University of Cambridge.

2016. An average patient can consume over 1000.000 pills in their lifetime, and long exposure will make pain worse than better, and cause many other serious side effects including death.  Dr Chris van Tulleken

2016. We know medications are not the answer. Drugs disrupt the hormones and immune system". Dr Cathy Stannard.

2016. Air pollution kills around 7 million people each year. Copenhagen Consensus.

2016. Physical activity helps you live longer. Exercise lowers the risk of heart disease.  Exercise IS the best medicine. New York Times.

2016. An average patient can consume over 1000.000 pills in their lifetime. Long exposure will make pain worse than better and cause other serious side effects including death. Dr Chris van Tulleken.

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